Compliance Think Tank #2-Anti-Corruption, Economic Sanctions and Export Controls

September 20, 2022 2:45pm

Anton Alferov
Senior Counsel, Regional Compliance Counsel
Europe, Eurasia, and Sub-Saharan Africa Region, Global Ethics and Compliance


Artur Nagapetyan
Vice President, Head of Compliance International Markets
Teva Pharmaceuticals

Converging Economic Sanctions, Export Controls and Anti-Corruption Risk Factors: Re-Positioning Your Business and Compliance Programme for the Short, Medium and Long-Term

During this highly anticipated session, participants will gain practical takeaways for compliance and risk management amid a rapidly changing economic sanctions and export controls landscape. 

Speakers will delve into the latest know-how for staying up-to-speed on rapid changes -and preparing for the medium and long-term aftermath for business and compliance operations.