Anti-Corruption, ESG and CSR

September 21, 2022 9:05am

Gonzalo Guzman
Chief Counsel, Ethics & Compliance

Aditi Wanchoo
Senior Manager, Human Rights

Leas Bachatene
Chief Executive Officer

Integrating Human Rights, Modern Slavery Act and Anti-Corruption Compliance Resources: Special Considerations for Country Risk Analyses, Supply Chain and Third-Party Management

  • Incorporating the prevention of modern slavery, ESG and CSR objectivesinto your compliance program
  • Bringing human rights and anti-corruption under the compliance umbrella
  • How to identify and address high stakes risks across your supply chain
  • The real-life interplay of Modern Slavery and anti-corruption complianceprogrammes
  • Dovetailing and updating third party due diligence questionnaires
  • How industry is using the Home Office’s modern slavery statement registry
  • Status and impact of EU Human Rights Directive, as well as mandatory due diligence requirements in France and The Netherlands
  • New takeaways for conducting country-specific risk assessments