Petrobras – The Latest Developments and Recovery Efforts

October 18, 2016 10:50am

Antenor Madruga
Feldens Madruga Law (Brazil)

Dora Cavalcanti Cordani
Cavalcanti & Arruda Botelho Advogados (Brazil)

Saverio Lembo
Partner – Head of White Collar Crime Department
Bär & Karrer (Switzerland)

  • Lifting the lid on the largest public/private corruption case in history with $40 billion in losses
  • Latest developments in Operation Car Wash
  • On-going criminal cases and investigations in Brazil and Switzerland
  • The release of $120 million by the Swiss Government for the purpose of repatriation
  • The use of plea bargains with suspects to aid asset recovery
  • Misuse of International Mutual Legal Assistance (lessons learnt from recent cases from the Swiss Federal Supreme Court)
  • Impact of fundamental rights’ and guarantees’ violations on International Mutual Legal Assistance