3rd Annual Forum on Cyber Risk and Data Protection Insurance

Wednesday, December 04, 2013
Kingsway Hall Hotel, London
C5's Global Insurance Portfolio includes Cyber Risk and Data Protection Insurance Forum and  Professional Indemnity Insurance Forum.
These are one day events, running on consecutive days at the same venue, and can be booked either separately or together.

We offer discounted prices for representatives of one company registering for both events at the same time (They do not need to be the same person at both events). For more information please c
ontact Anna Keable on a.keable@c5-online.com


3rd Annual Forum on Cyber Risk and Data Protection Insurance 2013

4 December, 2013 | London

This event will feature a keynote address and Q&A session with Tom Finan, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist and Counsel at US Department of Homeland Security.

With cyber attacks and data breaches increasingly making the headlines, companies are beginning  to take heed of the multitude of threats facing their brand integrity, business continuity, network security and customer and employee data. 

As websites, e-commerce and social media become more prominent in every facet of business, and with the evolution of technology such as devices, insurance protection against digital security and information breaches is now critically important across all industry sectors.

It is vital therefore that insurers are fully prepared to face and capitalise on market demands, by ensuring that existing products evolve alongside technological advancements and by creating dynamic policies that meet the complex needs of today’s businesses.  However, they must also understand and guard against the unique exposures associated with operating in the digital arena.

3rd Annual Forum on C5’s Cyber Risk and Data Protection Insurance has been specifically developed to provide you with high level insights and expertise on a range of issues including advancements in technology, products, pricing, coverage options, prevention strategies and more.  This will enable you to stay ahead of the game and exploit this unmatched opportunity whilst minimising exposure to potentially huge claims.

As well as benchmarking products, you will learn about pricing policies and new exposures to risk in this ever growing industry. Whether you are an underwriter, broker, reinsurer, risk manager, loss adjuster, claims manager, or lawyer you will walk away from the conference with invaluable information that you can use in your day to day role.

The brochure of the conference is now available. Please contact Anna Keable on a.keable@c5-online.com to receive the copy.