24th Biotech Patenting

Wednesday, March 13 to Thursday, March 14, 2013
Innside Parkstadt Schwabing Hotel, Munich

The Market Leading Conference Update on Biotech Patenting Strategies

More so now than ever, patent attorneys are indispensable contributors to the commercial success of biotech products.

In tough economic times, companies look to maximise their return on investment through more efficient use of their existing resources. For pharmaceutical companies, this creates an incredibly important role for patent attorneys, who are tasked with maximising the company’s available data to establish the strongest position possible.

Through the utilisation of patent extensions, supplementary protection certificates, and innovative patenting strategies, a pro-actively managed patent portfolio can yield lucrative rewards.

These opportunities to drive the commercial success of a product via patenting exist, however the constantly shifting IP landscape and rapidly evolving case law make this a difficult task. Patent attorneys need to find answers to the myriad of strategic, regulatory and litigation questions which face them before their competitors find them first.

C5’s industry-leading event allows you to benchmark against the best practice strategies employed by the market leaders. Our first-class speaking faculty will provide up-to-the-minute clarity on the latest regulatory developments, case law, challenges and opportunities in biotech patenting, including:

  • Securing patents for personalised medicines and biomarkers
  • Maximising your available data to establish the strongest patent position possible in light of the VEGF cases
  • Successfully filing your patents at the earliest allowable stage in accordance with HGS v Eli Lilly
  • The red flags every patent attorney needs to recognise in the new biosimilar regulations
  • The latest developments on the patentability of stem cells and plant & seed biotechnology
  • Complying with the America Invents Act to protect your IP in the world’s most lucrative biotech market
  • Extending your market dominance by utilising SPCs to extend the life of your patents
  • Overcoming the challenges of managing and protecting your patents in Asia

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